North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un & Vladimir Putin meet-up and Shocking Announcement !

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un : Kim Jong Un’s leadership approach is marked by a combination of authoritarian tactics, extensive propaganda efforts, and a meticulously crafted image of unchallenged authority.

In contrast to his predecessors, he has chosen to maintain a more conspicuous and accessible public profile. This includes frequent appearances in state-controlled media and his participation in diplomatic summits with foreign leaders.

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un central policy focus has revolved around the concurrent pursuit of nuclear armament and economic progress, commonly referred to as the “byungjin” policy. This strategy is designed to showcase North Korea’s global prowess while endeavoring for self-reliance in economic matters.

Nevertheless, the advancement of nuclear capabilities has resulted in heightened international tensions, the imposition of sanctions, and the country’s increased isolation.


North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un & Vladimir Putin
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un & Vladimir Putin


North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un & Vladimir Putin

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un & Vladimir Putin: The meeting between Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin took place at the Vostochny spaceport in Russia’s Amur region, which is a rare event for both leaders. This encounter has sparked worries in Western countries that North Korea might provide military assistance to Russia in its conflict with Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin: Despite their friendly demeanor during the meeting, both leaders lead regimes that are becoming increasingly isolated due to their confrontations with the United States and its allies. This meeting holds particular significance as it marks Kim’s first international trip in three years, underscoring the importance of Russia’s few remaining allies in the midst of the ongoing Ukrainian conflict. 


Endorsement of Russia’s ‘sacred struggle

The two leaders met at the entrance of a launch vehicle assembly building, with Putin expressing his pleasure in hosting Kim. In response, the North Korean leader conveyed gratitude for the invitation, recognizing Putin’s busy schedule.

Putin extended his congratulations to Kim on the 75th anniversary of North Korea’s founding, which was celebrated the previous Saturday. Notably, the Soviet Union, Russia’s precursor, was the first nation to acknowledge North Korea at its establishment in 1948 and provided support during the 1950-53 conflict with South Korea.

Currently, it seems that North Korea is reciprocating by offering support to Russia. Kim pledged his nation’s resolute and unconditional endorsement for what he referred to as Russia’s “sacred struggle” to protect its security interests, ostensibly alluding to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. He affirmed that North Korea will steadfastly stand with Russia in opposing imperialism.


North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un


North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un :After their tour of the spaceport, they engaged in discussions involving their respective delegations and subsequently held a private meeting.

In an inscription in the guestbook before meeting Putin, Kim wrote, “The glory of Russia, which gave rise to the first space explorers, will be eternal.”

For their meal, the leaders savored local specialties, including duck salad with figs and nectarine, crab dumplings, fish soup, sturgeon, complemented by Russian white and red wines.


North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un & Vladimir Putin: Tours and technology

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un & Vladimir Putin : After their meeting, Putin remarked on Kim’s extensive agenda. The North Korean leader is slated to continue his tour of Russia, with planned visits to the far-eastern cities of Komsomolsk-on-Amur and Vladivostok. During these visits, Kim will have the opportunity to inspect production facilities for both civilian and military equipment, among other scheduled stops.

Significantly, Komsomolsk-on-Amur houses the factory responsible for producing the majority of Russia’s modern fighter jets.

Kim’s private armored train arrived in Khasan, a Russian station located just across the northeastern border of North Korea, early Tuesday local time. He was greeted with warmth on a red carpet, with the presence of Natural Resources Minister Alexander Kozlov, regional Governor Oleg Kozhemyako, an honor guard, and a military band, according to reports from the North Korean state news agency KCNA.

Kim underscored that his visit to Russia, the first since 2019, underscores his government’s dedication to prioritizing the strategic importance of the relationship between the two countries.


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